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Timothy Paul is a graphic designer, commercial artist and military veteran. His varied skills and background have brought a diverse perspective to the field. Efficiency and ability of adaptation to the latest styles make him cutting-edge media. His past as an oil painter and water colorist has honed his natural talent for perspective, color theory and balance. Newsletters, brochures, logos, business cards, posters, post cards, stationery and UX design in any format is well within his capabilities.

He is also a track motion graphic designer, videographer and photographer. His dedication to quality commercial video work is stylized to fit any brand. This includes 3D renderings of logos and video banners for websites. 

Artists like Rembrandt, Dali and Andrew Wyeth have influenced Timothy and guide his hand in this field. These explorers were always pushing their art in new directions. He loves art and the history behind it as it inspires the new and shows us that anything is possible if we choose to pursue it. 

"Good art is not what it looks like, but what it does to us." ​

 - Roy Adzac

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